Future Documentary Sandbox

The third REACT Sandbox is Future Documentary.

Future Documentary Sandbox asks how can we hold on to what is great about documentary - its ability to elicit empathy, impart wisdom and inspire change - whilst exploring the new forms that are enabled by the internet, mobile phones and changing audience behaviours.

REACT have funded six collaborations between academics and creative companies to develop forward thinking propositions exploring the future for the documentary form.

These projects comprise a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines in the cohort and an amazing melting pot of ideas and approaches, bringing together leading academic researchers and experts in documentary filmmaking and digital innovation.

The projects are:

Boron Mon Amour: A 'hymn to the humdrum', combining linear film with live data streams to form a major new component of the global documentary 94 Elements.

Jack the Ripper 125 (jtr125): A playable documentary that explores notions of crime and ethics in the infamous Jack the Ripper case.

Orion: Behind the Mask: Exploring mystery, tribute, identity and fandom through the life and work of the man behind the mask, Orion.

Page to Stage: An app that adds dynamic and informative layers of content and texture to classical musical performance.

Quipu: Living Documentary: A living documentary that collects, records and shares the personal stories of the people affected by Peru's unconsented sterilization policy of 1990s.

The Risk Taker's Survival Guide: A short interactive documentary that takes you on a journey to explore your engagement with day-to-day risk.

You can read more about the projects and their progress on our Future Documentary Microsite.