Press Coverage

Here is some of the exciting press coverage our Books&Print projects have been receiving:

Urban novelties: How Bristol itself became a short story, New Statesman (8th May 2013)

Inventing the Future, George Walkley, BookBrunch (7th May 2013)

REACT scheme to explore future of books, The Bookseller (5th March 2013)

The future of the book shouldn’t be skeuomorphic, Tom Abba, New Statesman (28th February 2013)

REACTIVE publishing, Alistair Horne, Futurebook (6th February 2013)

The next chapter: storytelling embarks on an interactive adventure, Wired (5th February 2013)

Books & Print Sandbox projects set bold digital agenda for reading and publishing at Watershed, Culture 24 (15th January 2013)

Books & Print Sandbox, Jo Lansdowne, Literary Platform (9th January 2013)

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