Projects 2013

  • Boron Mon Amour, a hymn to the humdrum
    A 'hymn to the humdrum', combining linear film with live data to form a major new component of the global documentary 94 elements.
  • ORION explores the life of mysterious singer, Jimmy Ellis
    Exploring mystery, tribute, identity and fandom through the life and work of the man behind the mask, Orion.
  • jtr125 explores the world of crime reportage
    A playable documentary that explores notions of crime and ethics in the infamous Jack the Ripper case.
  • Exploring the complex world of classical music performance
    An app that adds dynamic and informative layers of content and texture to classical musical performance.
  • A living documentary that collects stories and oral histories
    Collecting, recording and sharing the personal stories of the people affected by Peru’s unconsented sterilization policy.
  • Uncovering the precarious world of risk
    A short interactive documentary that takes you on a journey to explore your engagement with day-to-day risk.

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