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Oh - this has reminded me of something.

When I was in my teens I used to hang about in the local indie bookshop. A lot.

There was one assistant - a bit 80s alternative looking - who was absolutely the person who opened up my reading. I'd just ask him for recommendations, and would come out with 3-4 new authors - he introduced me to Patrick Suskind, Alistair Grey...

The trust aspect was important.

I still quite enjoy the little handwritten recommendations you get in Borders / Waterstones, too - they add that element of trust and validation to the moment of 'will i like this?' to a book decision.

Overload usually comes physically - the point where you're a bit dizzy from reading spines with your neck at 90 degrees...

Libraries - I'm much more promiscuous! The opportunity cost to a duff book is so much lower...

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