Some of the press covereage secured for Heritage Sandbox:

REACT funding for South West heritage projects, Attractions Management, Pete Hayman 28/3/2012

Cemetery phone app for visitors, Bristol Evening Post, 2/4/2012
BBC Radio Bristol, Steve Le Fevre interview with John Troyer, 9/2/2012

Cemeteries, ships and coffins as Heritage Sandbox backs £300,000 of digital projects, Culture 24, Richard Moss, 13/4/2012

Museum Journal, Rebecca Atkinson, 1/5/2012Reflecting the Past: Technology brings the ghosts of the past back to life,Wired UK, Katie Scott, 3/5/2012 Podcast 74: Pirate Bay & Xbox bans, Titanic 2, death and brains, Wired UK, Katie Scott, 4/5/2012

Augmented Reality: British Psychogeographic AR, Beyond the Beyond, Wired UK, Bruce Sterling, 03/05/12

The Press Contact for REACT is Pavla Kopecna | Tel: 0208 969 3934 | 07702 805 887