The Theme

In 2020, 50 billion things will be connected to the Internet. This significant technological development means we need to explore new questions around material culture, and the shape of the experiences and interactions we have with our physical and virtual worlds.

Objects Sandbox is REACT’s latest theme.  It is a unique and exciting opportunity to explore the next chapter in the story of both objects and the Internet, through the Internet of Things. The emphasis of this call is on the interactions and experiences that exist between an individual and [internet] connected, physical objects.

Historically, technology and electronics have dictated the form of objects and consequently most look exactly like what they are. Additionally the Internet and the web are principally consumed through screens, so interactions and engagement with content takes similar forms.  REACT is taking this opportunity with connected-objects to break free from these constraints and create objects that explore a new language of design.

The focus is very much on user-centred design, user experiences and designed objects.  Objects cannot exist in isolation so people and a wider context are integral to the project.  Material properties and affordances of objects will be honestly and appropriately applied.  Technology will be discrete.

Successful projects could be objects that improve our lives, make them more efficient or just more fun. Equally, they could be objects that challenge our understanding and preconceptions of what connected-objects and a connected-world could be.  The Objects Sandbox brief is deliberately broad as we hope to attract academics and creatives from a broad selection of backgrounds to explore this subject.

Collaborations will be funded by the REACT Hub for a three-month period to develop an innovative prototype and explore its potential market/business model.

The 3 month Sandbox will run between March 2014 and June 2014.