The Theme

Play Sandbox was a programme that supported six collaborations to develop new products or services for children. It was been designed to bring together companies, young people and academic researchers to develop prototypes that mobilise play in new and transformative ways.

We wanted the prototypes produced be relevant to the toys market, to families, to schools and universities. Games, connected objects, the dynamics of social, and knowledge platforms will be combined in new formations. Our teams foregrounded the design of the experience over the technology.

REACT believes that media companies in the UK need support to develop new kinds of product and experience aimed at a children’s market, as the US currently dominates this sector. The best young people’s propositions are designed and tested with young people themselves – but this is costly and small companies often cannot afford the time or expense.

We  recruited a team of 7 – 12 year olds as Young Coaches for Play Sandbox. They were our partners in the design process, challenging us to make better things with their imaginations, opinions and values. Together, we explored challenges relevant to the lives of young people now and in the future. 

You can learn learn more about the Sandbox scheme here.

Produced by iShed as part of the Sandbox Programme