Young Coaches

Play Sandbox has been built on the proposition that the best products for children are made with children, which is why REACT recruited fourteen children to act as Young Coaches to the Play Sandbox projects.

They have been with us from the beginning (as teams first meet), for selection (feeding into the commissioning decisions), through the R&D (as testers) and as the prototypes take shape to the end of the process.

Their opinions, values, loves and hates have informed what we make and we hope that the experience will be a meaningful one for them as individuals.  

The Young Coaches are an extraordinary group of people. With an age range of seven to twelve and a skills range of 'animals' to Minecraft to maths to 'awesomeness', they take our commitment to curating diversity to new highs.  

Working with our mentor, Hannah McVey, the Young Coaches have exhibited a commitment to the public interest and level of insight that we are hugely impressed with and we have been great at breaking things, making things and guiding our teams. 

We have worked with two researchers from the University of Bristol, Helen Manchester and Alison Oldfield to work with us to research what happens when you include children in the process of collaborative R&D.

Produced by iShed as part of the Sandbox Programme